The mysterious world of… books

I love books. One of the best feeling in the world is to smell the fresh scent of a new purchased book. Awesome!

My father is the one who instilled the love of books in me. As kids, he would gift me and my sister with a book and we were so happy to immerse ourselves in those fantastic stories and colorful images. My first favorite book was “Daniel et Valerie” a reading  book that I used as a child in pre-school, I learnt to read with that book. 🙂

Daniel et Valerie , Traditional Reading Method, Editions Nathan

 We would also read Les Aventures de Martine”,a collection of illustrated books for children by Gilbert Delahaye and Marcel Marlier

Martine et le petit chat. Editions Casterman

Then, of course all the stories of  “Les Contes de ma mère l’Oye , a collection of fairytales from Charles Perrault. My favorite fairytale is Cendrillon ( yes, I always had a crush on the Prince Charming 😉  )


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