Favorite Spot

My favorite spot in the town where I live was Le Centre d’Art, an art gallery located at Port-au-Prince. There was something about this place that was quite attractive, maybe it was the architecture (gingerbread house), the big trees or the calm  that reign in this place. Whatever is was, this art gallery was my favorite spot in Port-au-Prince. I would go there and explore the place, watch the paintings, I could stay there forever because it was so peaceful.

The "Centre d'Art" before the earthquake.

But unfortunately, after the devasting earthquake in 2010, the building collapsed. 😦 

 The Rescue Centre of Cultural Heritage (Centre de Sauvetage des Biens Culturels) has a rescue project to restore the site but I know it’s never gonna be the same.  So, here I am, searching for another favorite spot in Port-au-Prince….


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