A few days ago, a friend and I were talking about difficult situations and we ended up talking about suicide. I told her that I think that suicide is a cowardly act and how can someone even think about ending their life. She replied that I shouldn’t be too judgmental because when facing desperate situations, some people doesn’t find any sense to their life so they choose to end it.

I have never been into desperate situations, I mean I had problems and difficult times but not to the point that I wanted to commit suicide.

So what happen if I am facing troubled times, would I end up my life?

What happen if I’m raped, will I commit suicide?

What happen if I lose all my loved ones, my job and everything that I earned was gone, would suicide be an option?

Picturing those situations might be frightening and we might not even want to think about it but maybe we should give it a thought.

It is sometimes difficult for me to agree with that saying “Never say never” because I believe that one must have strong convictions in life.

I will NEVER commit suicide.

I am not a super hero, some situations might bring me down, I might stumble but I truly believe that suicide is not a solution. If something really terrible happens, I will be a coward: I will NOT pull the trigger or take the pills.

I love life and I enjoy life’ simple pleasures. I enjoy laughing. I love seeing a baby smiling. I love seeing rainbow in the sky after it rained. I love to wake up to the song of the birds. I love going to the beach. I love nature. I love sipping a good cup of coffee in the morning. I enjoy listening to music.

And I believe in promises…

God’s promises…

His promises keeps me going.

Yes, I believe despite life’s setbacks there is a way to bring light to our soul and hope in the midst of darkness.


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