When I was a child, my dad used to play music all the time. Listening to good music is one of his passion.

My dad had lots of music CDs but I’d never paid attention to them because as I child my attention was elsewhere.

Then I became an adolescent and one year I went on vacation to see my dad that was working abroad and this is when I felt in love with… Jazz.

My dad was living in an apartment full of books and CDs. When I was not surfing on the internet or watching TV or reading, I would take one of his CD and listen to music. This is when I found Georges Benson.

There was this CD called the Best of Georges Benson. I played it once then….I played it everyday.
Those songs were so beautiful and uplifting.

A friend of mine who is also a jazz lover made a compilation of smooth jazz songs for me, which are:

1- Paradise by Norman Brown
2- Promenade by Peter White
3- I’m not in love by Richard Elliot
4- Kei’s song by David Benoit
5- Sailing by David Benoit
6- Tropical breeze by David Benoit
7- Dreamin’ by Georges Benson &Earl Klugh
8- If I kissed you by Jonathan Butler and Richard Elliot
9- Love’s holiday by Norman Brown
10- Long ride home by Peter White
11- After dark by Richard Elliot

My favorite Jazz artists are Georges Benson and Richard Elliot.

The word that comes to me if you tell me to describe smooth jazz is: sensuality. Yes, I found it very sensual and classy.

And you, what are your feelings about Jazz?


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