Be yourself, everyone else is taken. (Dr. Seuss)

Have you ever wanted to do something crazy, might be a simple thing but unusual?  Have you ever woke up one day and wanted it to be nothing but a normal day?  Wake up and instead of going to work, just pack some clothes and spend the day away?  Well, this is exactly the state I am in.

How many times have I broke the rules?  How many times have I listened to the wild child that lies within me? Not often. I had always been living by the rules because everything had to be straight, nothing fancy or unusual.  I’ve been doing the same thing every single day and now the child in me is getting rebellious.

Sometimes, I wake up and I don’t want to look like the average  young corporate employee, because this exactly how I look.  I am not trying to be someone else, I just want to be me. But I have been so into the rules that somehow I have lost track of who I really am.  I am not in a identity crisis but on a journey of self-discovering. The fact is I have always been doing what I was told but never done what I wanted to do.

I am so used to being that correct type of person that anything unusual that I would do would immediately be analysed by my peers.  Of course, they will try to find solutions to my “problem”, giving me advices on what they think would help.  But what  matters is who I really want to be. Will I choose to live by correctness or choose the spontaneous life that I am seeking for?  


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