My two biggest mistakes

I have always lived and planned for the future, what I mean is all my objectives, all that I want to do are to be done in the future.  I want to have a car (in the future), I want to travel ( in the future) I want to write a book ( in the future) so what I failed to understand is that the future was in fact…yesterday.

Yes, by always projecting myself in the future, I have lost sight of what is important: live in the present.  The present moment is exactly where things are happening, where dreams come true, where objectives are accomplished.  I had that wrong idea that everything would be perfect in the future, everything would be settled, I would have the perfect job, the car, the house, etc etc…. but the fact is while I am dreaming of those things, I have failed to do what was important: work toward those goals in the present.  I didn’t thought that the future that I am talking about will slip away if I am not taking time to live in the present. I have forgotten that the NOW is all we’ve got. Who knows what will happen tomorrow (we ain’t psychics), only God knows.  We do not hold tomorrow, we only hold the present moment.

As I’ll be celebrating a new year soon, I come to rethink the way I live and my point of view about life. I want to enjoy every single moment, seize the opportunity when it comes and not wait for things to get perfect. I want to get rid of the old thinking and enjoy the life God has given me, not scarcely but plentifully (lovely word, isn’t it? 😉  )

Ok, the second mistake is that  I have that difficulty to finish what I start and it’s a burden in my personal life. I was in Spanish class, I quit for false reasons. I was learning how to drive, I quit for false reasons.  I am a fanatic of the saying: Never give up, but I seem to have a hard time practicing it.  I have thought about it and what I need is self-discipline. I know what I want, and where I want to go but I just need to follow the road and not skip to the next U-turn.

 I wrote up earlier that I was going to celebrate a new year, I’m turning 24 in a few days and I really want to take some time for me, rethink my priorities, a bit like a reset time. So do you have some suggestions about how I could celebrate? Your comments are welcome. 



5 thoughts on “My two biggest mistakes

  1. “…so what I failed to understand is that the future was in fact…yesterday.” Yikes! That was deep. I’ve never really thought about it that way. So often I think and plan for the future too not realizing that this is the future. I have the option to seek to the best things right now but that is so hard to do if I think that the “best things” can only come at some magical point in the future. ….I don’t even know if I’m making sense right now, hehe 😉

    Thanks for the great read! =)

  2. Very insightful! we also need to realize any roadblocks such as procrastination, negativity can alter that dream, so beware and get rid of it.

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