Birthday plan?


Ok, so my birthday is drawing nearer and everyone keep asking me what are my plans.  I did think about it and I came up with a clear and precise objective: Invest in an Experience.

The birthday plan is  a reset plan and part of it is to reward myself. So at first I thought about purchasing something fancy like a gorgeous ring or bracelet, go on a shopping spree, etc… you know that kind of stuff.

Then, as I am trying to save and keep a tight budget, purchasing fancy stuff was removed from the list, so this is when I came up with the idea of investing on something that should be highly beneficial, therapeutic and motivational.  so here it is:

– Go on  a retreat (would be lovely, but not so sure)

– Do a roadtrip (impossible)

– Go visit my Granpa (oh yes!)

– Go on cruise ( If anyone is willing to pay, I’m ready to go right now…. 🙂 )

– and I’m out of ideas. 

Yes, my brain is tired and my batteries needs to be recharged.

I have two days to decide. La nuit porte conseil. I hope that tomorrow my thoughts will be clearer.




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