God wants sustainability

I am working for a non-profit organization and one of the most important criteria required for a project to be approved is sustainability. The project must be able to run on the long term. The organization must be sure that the project won’t stop whether or not they are still supporting it.

And also, they must know that the project will be receiving other funding and not rely solely on them.

This is exactly the way God wants to work with us. When we present our project to God, He must know that we will be able to continue and endure on the long term.

God is willing to help us but He wants to make sure that we will not break our promises and abandon Him along the way or give up.

Not only you must rely on God but you must also take actions. God is not going to do all the work for you. You must add your own strength, capacity and knowledge to what God is giving you in order to make things happen.

For example, you want to be promoted at work and you have asked for God’s help, but you are still not getting any answer. Ask yourself:

First: will you be able to take your responsibilities and be a leader? Will you be able to take your work to a new level? Aren’t you going to quit?

Second: do you have the required qualifications? Have you updated your knowledge? Have you taken additional courses that can help you in your new position?

Yes, if you want God to help you, you must be prepared. God is not going to give you something if He knows that you are going to ruin it.

Ask God to give you strength and determination to take your responsibilities. Take Action, don’t let God do all the work.

Keep going further and don’t give up!



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