Random thoughts

A purpose

I cannot understand how something can spend his life or even a huge part of his life without doing nothing. I mean, wake up everyday, eat, watch tv or any unuseful activity, then eat again and go to bed. What’s the purpose of that kind of life?

Each day I go to work, then after I go to college but sometimes, I feel like slowed down as if the things that I am doing are not meaningful enough. Is it because that I am not doing what I should be doing, that I have not found my mission or purpose in life yet? I don’t know but something I want to do more, explore more, read more, love more, travel more, do a little EXTRA.

So, on the other side, we have people who are not doing anything. Don’t get me wrong, I know that are people who would love to do something with their lives but life conditions are so mean to them that they cannot find a job, afford college or pay for travels, etc.

But there are people who have the means to do something, even small, but they just don’t. How can you survive the same routine every day without any meaninful activities?


Routine  is a slow-killer

Talking about doing the same thing everyday, let’s talk about something that kills us slowly: routine. When I say kills us, I mean that it kills our creativity, it kills our spontaneity, it kills our sense of wonder, even our joy.

Take action against it!

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Another perspective

When you are dealing with a problem, try to view it from another perspective. Try to understand it from various points of view. Maybe it’s not that complicated that you thought or maybe it’s not that simple than you thought it is.



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