Me, Myself and Moi

I am on long journey of self discovering, if I may call it like this.  I  am a christian, having a strong relationship with God I believe is one of the best thing in life.  I’m in love with nature, gingerbread houses (real ones !), kittens, books, good music and colorful stuff ! 🙂 I live in a pretty little island which I have a love-hate relationship with.  Human being should always seek to improve themselves in all areas of their lives, this is what I am doing, I am seeking to be a better christian, a better person, a better daughter, sister, friend.

I believe that one should never settle for less, everyone deserves what’s best for them. God is waiting to give you unlimited grace so prepare yourself in order to receive it. Be not only a receiver but also a giver. Give to others your love, your time, share your knowledge. Enjoy the life God has given you.

I made this blog because I love to write ( I am not an expert writer, it’s just the best way I can express myself) and I find it fun to write about things I like, about my random thoughts.

” You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself. ” ~Alan Alda

Never mind searching for who you are.  Search for the person you aspire to be.  ~Robert Brault


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