When enjoying the moment is more important

As I was preparing for a wedding, I noticed I didn’t mind leaving my camera at home. A year ago, I wouldn’t have left home without it, feeling that I had to capture every moment. The pictures I took during social events are located somewhere on my laptop and most of them I don’t need. So, why did I take them in the first place?

Well, to be honest I’d say it was to do as everyone else. To show others there were things going on in my live. But as some point, I felt overwhelmed.

Because if I didn’t bring my camera, it was like I was not part of the event and this prevented me to “be there” each time. I was too busy taking pictures rather than living and enjoying the moment.

And secondly, I had to always make sure that I looked flawless in those pictures because, of course, I’d be posting them on those famous social networks. And I hated that because it made me feel self-conscious.

Ever since I’m not following this trend, I’m able to enjoy each moment and I don’t feel like I need the world to know about it.

I do take a few pictures that are really meaningful to me and which do not have the sole purpose of showing my new dress or that I have been to Mrs. or Mr. X party.


Have you ever felt pressured to follow social trends?



Colors and Street Art!

Mademoiselle Maucice
Mademoiselle Maucice (Photo credit: gildas_f)

While browsing the internet, I stumble upon this site mademoisellemaurice.com, Mademoiselle Maurice is a French artist which occupations vary from photography, or painting and embroidery.

Spectre. mademoisellemaurice.com

One of her work caught my attention, it is called “Spectre” , which is origami street art.  They have a particular meaning for her. As a color lover, I like the artwork and what it inspires.  Here is a video taken while she is doing her work:  http://vimeo.com/42825583

Enjoy!  🙂

Logo Contest (Haiti Tourism)

The Ministry of Tourism in Haiti in its effort to promote a new image of Haiti launched a Logo Contest. The logo that received the highest vote will be rewarded.  Go and take a look at those logos, each more beautiful than the others, and vote for the logo which inspire to come and visit our beautiful country. Here is the link: http://haititourisme.gouv.ht/concours2012/logos/

Below are those are among my favorites:

Belimage Logo

I love the vivid colors of  this logo from Belimage , and you can see the sun, the mountains, the sea, and the humming-bird that we called in our country “wanga-nègès”. We have a story about this beautiful bird but that will be in another post. 

This one is from Bousiko, an haitian graphic designer and illustrator, and it has the same details than the previous one, except for the hibiscus, a well-known flower in our country which creole name is “chou blak”.


This one is from Fabrice Lafleur and it is very nice.  There are a lot more logos.  The contest is ending on April 8th, 2012 so hurry up and vote for the logo you prefer.  🙂

Favorite Spot

My favorite spot in the town where I live was Le Centre d’Art, an art gallery located at Port-au-Prince. There was something about this place that was quite attractive, maybe it was the architecture (gingerbread house), the big trees or the calm  that reign in this place. Whatever is was, this art gallery was my favorite spot in Port-au-Prince. I would go there and explore the place, watch the paintings, I could stay there forever because it was so peaceful.

The "Centre d'Art" before the earthquake.

But unfortunately, after the devasting earthquake in 2010, the building collapsed. 😦 

 The Rescue Centre of Cultural Heritage (Centre de Sauvetage des Biens Culturels) has a rescue project to restore the site but I know it’s never gonna be the same.  So, here I am, searching for another favorite spot in Port-au-Prince….