Random thoughts

A purpose

I cannot understand how something can spend his life or even a huge part of his life without doing nothing. I mean, wake up everyday, eat, watch tv or any unuseful activity, then eat again and go to bed. What’s the purpose of that kind of life?

Each day I go to work, then after I go to college but sometimes, I feel like slowed down as if the things that I am doing are not meaningful enough. Is it because that I am not doing what I should be doing, that I have not found my mission or purpose in life yet? I don’t know but something I want to do more, explore more, read more, love more, travel more, do a little EXTRA.

So, on the other side, we have people who are not doing anything. Don’t get me wrong, I know that are people who would love to do something with their lives but life conditions are so mean to them that they cannot find a job, afford college or pay for travels, etc.

But there are people who have the means to do something, even small, but they just don’t. How can you survive the same routine every day without any meaninful activities?


Routine  is a slow-killer

Talking about doing the same thing everyday, let’s talk about something that kills us slowly: routine. When I say kills us, I mean that it kills our creativity, it kills our spontaneity, it kills our sense of wonder, even our joy.

Take action against it!

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Another perspective

When you are dealing with a problem, try to view it from another perspective. Try to understand it from various points of view. Maybe it’s not that complicated that you thought or maybe it’s not that simple than you thought it is.



10 lessons life has taught me this year…

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This post might be premature as the year has not ended yet but no need to wait the end of the year to make review of what life has teached us.  As a matter of fact, first thing I learned is don’t always do things as they planned to be done. Sometimes, you have to break the patterns and do things differently.

2- God is Good All The Times. Never doubt this, whatever your circumstances may be, God is always good.

3-Be content with what you have now, dont wait for the future to enjoy life and what it has to offer.

4- Bless others. Don’t wait only on God’s blessings, you can also be a blessing for someone else. By being compassionate, helpful, encouraging, by speaking words of kindness, by praying for others.

5- “Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you’ve lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.”  This one is a good lesson that I will make sure to live by.

6- Through your walk with God, your faith might be tested. You have to be willing to make a giant leap of faith. God wants to help you but you might have to do something unusual or something that requires that you step out from your comfort zone. It might be a little hard, but the reward will be far greather than anything you’ve ever imagined.

7- Don’t take people’s point of view for granted, try to figure out things by yourself before making an opinion.

8- It is always good to review your priorities, renew your old thinking because as you grow up, you realize that things are not always as they seems to be or as they taught us it is. Don’t be afraid to step out of the crowd and fight for your beliefs because “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

9- Nobody’s perfect. Don’t expect perfection from people, only God is perfect.

10- Life is not a road with one direction. This is one of the most important lessons I have learned this year.  As a child, our parents have paved the way for us, and as we grow up, society wants us to enter in the mold specially prepared for us. Well, let me tell you that you do not need to follow the world’s standards. Dont stress yourself with what your parents or society think you should do but rather what God has planned for you.  Because at the end, the achieved result is what matters.

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If only we knew…

Do you know how many battles the Holy Spirit has fought for you?

Do you know from how much pain He has kept you from?

Do you know  how many accidents He spared you?

Do you know from how many humiliation He has kept you ?

Do you know from how many accusation He has defended you ?

Do you know how many tears He kept you from shedding?

Do you only know my Friend?

Do you?

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A Giant Leap of Faith

There are times, in your relationship with God, you have to take a leap of faith.

God is faithful, He always keeps his promises. So when He says I am going do something, He will do it, no matter how much time it takes.

In the meantime, you might have two enemies: doubt and desperation.

When you see that time is passing by and nothing is happening, this is when you start to doubt, when you doubt, you start having a negative mind set, and then you start losing faith in the promise.

The second thing is desperation. Do not become desperate. Things might not happen when you expected it to but God has an amazing plan for your life and you should trust Him no matter what.

God might want to test your faith, so you must at all time believe He can. Take a giant leap of feat in your life. Let God do it His own way.

God is the God of Possible.  In Him, there is no disappointment.

Stay blessed!


Give Him your All

I was talking to my mom today about God’s blessings for my life and she told me: He can do more, what don’t you to let go to Him?

What don’t you let go to Him? That phrase got stuck in my head because I realize that I was not giving God my all.

Even though I am trying to become closer to Him each day, trying to pray more often, I do not give everything.

God do not want a part of me, He wants my all, He wants me to surrender to Him, He wants my problems to become His, He wants to carry my burdens, to erase my doubts. But how He is going to do that if I am keeping things to myself?

He is not going to force me to give up everything, instead He wants it to be a personal act, a free offering of myself, the same way Jesus offered himself on the cross. Jesus was not forced, He had the choice, he might have choose to let us die in our sins, but He didn’t, he cared enough to give his all.

Today, I urge you to give your all to God. It’s not going to happen in one day, as we have learned to live by counting solely upon ourselves. But if God wants to carry all my burden, why hold back? Does society have more to offer? If his plan for my life is far better than my greatest objectives, why hesitate?

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,  to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20


When are you going to get married?

Where is the man?

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait too long.

You need a boyfriend.

Is anyone courting you?

Those are the questions and remarks I received nowadays . People wants to know when I am taking the big step. And some of them find it awkward that I am still single.

Yes, I am single  and no, I am not going to get married next month.

I’m wondering why people think that the clock is ticking for me while I think I still have the time?

You can NEVER please society. It’s utopia. Forget about it. You’ll go crazy.

It’s that kind of social pressure that cause marital disaster. Everyone is rushing when they should take time to prepare themselves for such venture.

It’s marriage people! I know that marriage is becoming less and less valued in today’s society but for some people, it’s a SACRED INSTITUTION.

God created marriage for a sacred purpose and with its many implication, we cannot rush into it however we want.

Maybe I have an idealistic view of marriage, I admit it, maybe because I am a romantic person, but none the less, as you are learning, studying and preparing to start a business venture you should also prepare for marriage the same way.

Yayy! She finally got one!

Of course, I want someone by my side (who doesn’t?) but I’m saying to myself: Take Your Time and no,  I am not going to lower my standards in order to find someone to get married.

Because of the huge respect I have for marriage, I am willing to take the necessary time to build a strong foundation for my future home.

If they could grant me one wish for my sentimental life, it would be to have a strong and lasting relationship with my partner.

And I believe that singleness is a period where one should reflect about what they really want, about their expectations and also the time where you achieve some of your goals because when you end up with a family, it’s sometimes difficult to cope with everything.

So, as I patiently (not all the times!) wait for the “One” ( according to God’s will),  I am working on myself to be that wonderful woman that a man would want in his life.

“If you want to attract a king, you must first learn how to be a queen.”


10 DIY Organization ideas

While browsing the internet, I found some simple and easy DIY organization ideas :

1- A carabiner to hold hair bands:


2- A cloth hanger to hold scarves:


3-  A magnetic paper clip holder to store bobby pins:


4- Ice cube tray to store jewelry:


5- Shower curtain rings to hold jewelry:


 6- Shower curtain rings to hang purses:

7- Jars to hold office supplies:


 8- Clothepins to arrange embroidery floss:


9- Tea cups and bowls to store jewelry:

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10- Shoe bag for miscellaneous items:


The joy of decluttering

I was thinking about the progress I have made in self development and I am quite happy how it is going along well.  I have learned that I do not have to tolerate things that are bothering me and the best thing to do is to get rid of them and this applies to all aspects of life.

For instance, my wardrobe was full of clothes, hanging in a disorderly fashion and each time I got out from work and saw it , I knew I had to do something about it but I did not. Then, last weekend I finally decided to end its suffering, so I took all the clothes, and sort them, what I intend to keep and what I should get rid of or give away. After that, all the clothes that I kept I hung them in the wardrobe and I would swear I heard it say: Oh, My God, thank you, I am finally breathing! loool.

I also did some decluttering at work also, get rid of papers, stuff I did not need anymore, and I am more enthusiast to work now.

This is also apply in your social life, you do not have to be friends with everyone, specially the people that are always trying to bring you down, the hypocrits, the free riders and even some  family members, yes, if you see that they are having a bad influence, stay away from them.  Life is much better without them, trust me, the only person that is essential is JESUS.

The idea is to keep it simple in every aspect of your life, you do not need the whole wide world to be happy.


Those rare days….

I am happy today! This is special because I do not feel this way very often.  You know those days where you feel good in your own skin, you’re smiling, you’re laughing, joking around and everygthing seems lighter and you want that feeling to last always. Hmm, I like that.

Some great things are coming ahead too, I have  promises that are about to be achieved….

Until then, I am enjoying those blissful moments, whether they are short or long, it’s all about living the present moment.

Let’s all stay blessed!

God wants sustainability

I am working for a non-profit organization and one of the most important criteria required for a project to be approved is sustainability. The project must be able to run on the long term. The organization must be sure that the project won’t stop whether or not they are still supporting it.

And also, they must know that the project will be receiving other funding and not rely solely on them.

This is exactly the way God wants to work with us. When we present our project to God, He must know that we will be able to continue and endure on the long term.

God is willing to help us but He wants to make sure that we will not break our promises and abandon Him along the way or give up.

Not only you must rely on God but you must also take actions. God is not going to do all the work for you. You must add your own strength, capacity and knowledge to what God is giving you in order to make things happen.

For example, you want to be promoted at work and you have asked for God’s help, but you are still not getting any answer. Ask yourself:

First: will you be able to take your responsibilities and be a leader? Will you be able to take your work to a new level? Aren’t you going to quit?

Second: do you have the required qualifications? Have you updated your knowledge? Have you taken additional courses that can help you in your new position?

Yes, if you want God to help you, you must be prepared. God is not going to give you something if He knows that you are going to ruin it.

Ask God to give you strength and determination to take your responsibilities. Take Action, don’t let God do all the work.

Keep going further and don’t give up!